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About Me

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Hello, little bit about Me! Before I decided to dip into the colourfully challenging yet highly creative field of photography, I have spent some good years working in IT. ‘Information Technology’ is not what I found attracted me but it was the fact that there was never a déjà vu moment. The challenge to tackle unknown was the fuel which enchanted me for many years. Hey, this is not a fairy tale, it can happen to anyone. And I didn’t have a frog prince coming to my rescue either, it was most likely the bug in The Matrix.

And before it was that phase of my life, from high school boy to college culprit and then to the uni days of daring myself to venture all aspects of life. Oh well …. almost all!

“Photography is a job, and a hobby as well which lets me fulfil the gaps left by the complex yet colourful process of creation”

– Lifeonmove Photography

All in all, I have always been connected to some form of creative arts. Whilst working in IT, not just that it pays well but also gave me good space to travel around the world and get submerged in those amazing cultures. And this is where I discovered my hunger for capturing the moments, the moments which I knew I would probably not experience in person ever again. Life is full of moments, amazing or not but becomes part of our lives and makes us who we become. Looking back at those snapped moments, sometime is what we need to snap out of the moment!

Every one of us at some point in life comes to a point where we know there is a bigger challenge waiting ahead. So what we do? Do we accept that and add another lifeline into our ‘5 to 9’ cycle, or do we stay where we are? Well for me it is always yes, I am always too curious to see what’s on the other side of the curtain.

So here I am, I have spent last 5 years or so photographing this beautiful world along with its amazing habitants and any subject I could ‘snap’. I have traveled many countries and ‘travel photography’ was a starting point for me. I have also been engaged in many corporate events including summer and X-mas parties. And I have been honored to snap many happy marriage unions. I take great pride in what I get involved with, and for me it must be a passion in what I do or there is no reason to even do it. So yes, don’t Just do it.

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